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 Kayaking and Leptospirosis

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Paul Heff
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PostSubject: Kayaking and Leptospirosis   Mon 25 Nov 2013, 7:29 pm

There are a few potential risks that we come across whilst kayaking, one of these is Leptospirosis. I advise paddlers to (re)familiarise themselves to reduce the risk of infection.

Disease Summary:
Leptospirosis is a bacterial illness that in its most severe form (Weil's Disease) infects the liver and kidneys and can lead to death.  The common perception is that it is a 'rat disease', it is however an animal disease and can be caught from any infected animal.

The bacterium is passed in the urine of infected animals and can survive for months in wet soil. As paddlers this concerns us because we are constantly exposed to risk of infection. You are more likely to catch it on the bank than in the water, touching your mouth, nose, cuts or eating the magical Mars bar.

Hygiene is the key, carry (and use!) an alcohol based handwash before touching your mouth / nose, eating, or fixing a broken paddler. These are available cheaply (3 euro) at most good chemists.

Further Information:
Click for HSE Leptospirosis Information

Click for Irish Water Safety Leptospirosis Information

Paul Heff

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Sean (Gadget) Lynn
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PostSubject: Re: Kayaking and Leptospirosis   Wed 27 Nov 2013, 9:57 pm

good to have that information posted ... ! and, being a survivor, i can confirm all of the above and i got it on the second class of my L2 ... ! it's actually a case of been there,seen that and had it ... ! worthwhile mentioning to your doctor that one is engaged in watersports, namely kayaking .. !
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Kayaking and Leptospirosis
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