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Phoenix Kayak Club are based on the River Lee, and run Beginners courses throughout the Summer, while also entertaining their Current membership every Thursday night.
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PostSubject: The-60-second-Z-Drag   Wed 03 Apr 2013, 8:25 am

Handy explanation of a Z-Drag


You will need a 5075-foot throw rope, prussik, two carabiners, two pulleys and a sling.
Step 1: Build an anchor by wrapping the sling around a sturdy tree or rock. Clip a carabiner and pulley through the sling.
Step 2: Secure the bag end of your rope to the load. Run the tail end through the anchor pulley.
Step 3: Wrap the prussik loop as far back down the rope toward the load as possible. Clip the second carabiner and pulley through the prussik.
Step 4: Run the tail end of the rope through the prussik pulley and back toward the anchor. Pull on the tail end of the rope in the same direction as the main line is pulling on the boat. You now have a Z Drag.

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