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 Looking for advice on choosing a drysuit please.

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PostSubject: Looking for advice on choosing a drysuit please.   Thu 07 Jun 2012, 12:27 pm

Hi Everyone,
I am looking at buying a dry suit over the next few weeks and looking for some advice, words of wisdom etc. please.

The main contenders I can see are the Peak Creek or a Kokatat GMER dry suit. I know there are al ot of the Peak suits in the club but wondered if anyone had theirs a few years and how are they wearing? So the gaskets need replacing, are they leaking etc.

I have read up and the Kokatat seems the best suit as it allows the paddler to breath, is the Peak suit breathable or does the sweat just condense inside the suit?

All comments welcome ,

Thanks in advance

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Bronze Member
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for advice on choosing a drysuit please.   Thu 07 Jun 2012, 1:23 pm

Never used the Kokatat suit.
I've had my peak suit from month one when they first got released.
Can't remember exactly when. But its over 3 years now.
No leaks. Still on original seals. Its been through alot of hardship and a few overseas trips.
Its holding up really well.

As a side note. I do take care of my gear quite alot. Pricey stuff. Best that it lasts.
I try not to leave it damp in bags, always try to dry it out( leaving items damp is one of the main causes of seals perishing )
I always wash my gear if they've been in salt water( just rinse in cold water and hang to dry, towel dry the seals )
I also give a rinse if its been in use a few days( sweat is salt water too )
I hang it somewhere dry when not in use
Try not to leave it in the sun as much as possible.

The above helps all my gear last. But the over 3 yrs i've gotten out of the suit and its still going strong is fair decent i think. Hope that helps.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for advice on choosing a drysuit please.   Thu 07 Jun 2012, 3:11 pm

i have the peak and its class, very comfortable to wear and bone dry.
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Paul Heff
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for advice on choosing a drysuit please.   Thu 07 Jun 2012, 3:30 pm

Hi Ralph,

Check out this link: Canoe & Kayak UK Dry Suit Comparison Test. Find a suit that fits properly when your sitting in the boat, what fits nice standing might be way too baggy sitting down. Don't forget that your base-layer is more important than the suit!!

I wouldn't get hung up on breathability, there are many factors affecting the breathability of fabrics, Kokatat claims Goretex is the best. All dry-gear will have moisture inside to some degree, depends how hot you are.

This is because when your sitting in a kayak, your bottom half will be toasty warm, with the spraydeck - affecting heat (& moisture) escaping. Similarly, your torso will be surrounded and insulated by your BA. This leaves your arms & shoulders as maybe the only spot the suit will breathe, reinforced areas don't help either...... Mickey gives good advice on care, I shudder when I see people cramming dry-gear into tight drybags pale this is excellent for ruining seams. Fold the suit as recommended by its manufacturer & rinse it after each use.

Drysuit care:
Latex seal durability is up to you. Rinse and air dry after use, avoid creams (tricky with sun-block) and UV rays sunny , be careful stretching them when putting on (especially when cold), give a light dusting of talc, climbing talc if your really picky and they should last a long time.

Lubricate your zips religiously, never force a stuck zip. Even pee zips are about 50 euro plus fitting....

If you really want to know, the technical aspect of breathability follows, I apologise if it makes you sleepy!!:

1. The temperature differential between you cosy in your suit and the atmosphere.
2. The amount of exertion / work you are doing.
3. Are you as a person; hot (sweaty) OR a cool customer?
4. Atmospheric air pressure will affect a fabrics ability to expel water vapour.
5. How effective are your base-layers at removing moisture (wicking) from your body to their surface? This will affect how dry & warm you feel, more importantly it will determine how quickly you cool down when at rest.

If you want your head to hurt, Click here for fabric breathability 101

Enjoy your shopping expedition.

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PostSubject: Re: Looking for advice on choosing a drysuit please.   

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Looking for advice on choosing a drysuit please.
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